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The F.R.A.G. team Converged on Burlington, NC August 5-6th for F.R.A.G. 6. All those that attended were treated to a great LAN party. Lots of planning and a great turnout led to the creation of a LAN experience that was fun for all...even those running it.

The Best Western hotel management was nice enough to give us early access to the room so that we didn't need to wake-up Saturday morning and have double duty (room AND server setup) which was great. So we (the staff) arrived Friday night to setup the tables and layout the power/network cables. A few of us checked in Friday and relaxed by the pool after setting up and traded war stories.

Saturday morning went great. Setup of the servers and hubs went well with little confusion and only one small incident with the power which turned out to be the hotels problem more than ours as we blew one of their HUGE fuses in the back. With that quickly fixed and the registration crew streamlining check-in, everyone got situated and settled in for a full day of playing.

The first Tourney was F.R.A.G. 6's main tourney, the Quake3 CTF tourney. We had 7 full teams signed up and with smeg and jargirls help in putting the team, server name/number, time, and the navigation cue's for where each team would move in the bracket after the match on the tourney sheet, the tourney sheet/bracket pretty much ran the tourney itself without staff intervention. The brackets for both Quake3 tourneys were picked at random by randomly selecting pieces of paper that had the teams/players name on it.

The tourney itself was a blast with many teams playing 3+ times due to the double elimination setup. The two winning teams played a total of 6 times. Killers Inc.'s second team (KI2) won the tourney over "Pro's All Stars" by 2 games to 3. In the first match up had KI2 beating "Pro's All Stars" sending them into the losers bracket only to have to play them again in the finals. The first game of the finals went to "Pro's...". But the second game of the finals was a real nail biter with KI2 going up 4-1 only to have the final score end tied up at 4-4. In this situation the rules specified that the team with the most frags wins giving KI2 the win AND the tourney 1st place spot. All of the teams played hard and hopefully learned some new tips and tricks.

We had three "Mystery Tourney's" Saturday night, Mr Pants Q3 Extreme Mod, UT Chainsaw Arena, and UT Redeemer Arena. The Extreme tourney was played on Q3dm12 with a frag limit of 80. Pro took home the bacon with a win in a game that was anybodies game. With 28 (?) people in the was a blast no matter who won.

The UT Redeemer didn't happen because of the naughty Win32 port of UT's dedicated server and a strange ping bug that caused the clients ping to the server to grow exponentially until no one could move (a 425 and Win2k bug) huh? This tourney after much trail and error finally happened Sunday after BadBlood Offered his Linux box as the server with Flav taking 1st place and Riptide taking second.

Sunday morning was dead till about 10am. Everyone that had stayed up playing late Saturday night were off catching up on some much needed sleep. 

The Quake3 1v1 Tourney kicked off at 1:15pm after some last minute tweaking of the 1v1 brackets and went on till 3:30. The tourney was single elimination with 10 frags or 10 minutes set on the servers. For the First round we had 13 1v1 servers configured and showing up in the Q3 internal server browser. In the first hour and 15 minutes, we went from 26 to 4 players who then played the last rounds as best of 3 with 15 minute timelimits and no fraglimit. lunk, Pro, lostboy, and N8_dawg made the final cut with N8_dawg defeating lostboy and pro beating lunk to get to the finals. Pro took first place and N8_Dawg took second. The whole tourney lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes.

After the Quake3 1v1 Tourney we wrapped up the party by having the awards ceremony and finished calling out the door prizes. And at 5pm we called it a day and packed up and went home.

Big thanks goes out to KingJames for all of his help with the power box. Thanks also goes out to all of the people, staff or otherwise, that helped make FRAG6 a roaring success.

Still left to post are some Screenshots and Demo's submitted by players. I hope after announcing/posting this page that people will send in demo's/screenshots and have another update with links to those up by the beginning of next week

Stats were ran on most of the Quake3 servers. I will be tweaking the logs and re-running the stats off of them to give top-20 rankings of some of the servers. CA and RA3 being two that come to mind. Not going to run stats on the tourney servers (CTF or 1v1) as that isn't real subjective of the games that were played.

As you read through this F.R.A.G. 6 history page, please understand that I tried to get everyone's name and case right. If there is an error, please just email me and I'll handle it ASAP.

What's next? F.R.A.G. 7! Look for details in a few weeks...


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