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F.R.A.G. 7 History page.

With over 3 months of planning and 6 previous parties under the staffs' belt, F.R.A.G. 7 came off as a roaring success. From the participant feedback we're getting so far it looks like everyone had a great time. Organization, patience and teamwork kept our heads above water. The event overall had very little problems in the way of network, power, and/or servers. What problems we did have were quickly worked on and fixed. Lots of ideas and suggestions came out of this party on ways to improve our next event. If you have an idea or would like to comment on the party please send an email to:

Notes on Picture Content
The F.R.A.G. 7 History page is comprised mainly of pictures that Bad Mojo took. There are three other (known) pages that have F.R.A.G. 7 pictures. In an effort to not duplicate their efforts, we have provided below the links to those pages. If you have a page up with F.R.A.G. 7 pictures, have F.R.A.G. 7 pictures that you would like to contribute, please just send me an email at time2die@gamersgauntlet.com  

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Friday Night
Friday night had over 30 people already checked in to the hotel and poised for Saturday's carnage. Outback and Golden Corral felt the wrath as groups of 10 and more showed up for dinner. Afterwards, spontaneous room parties exploded as Gouki had a full size Street Fighter 2 arcade box in his room courtesy of KMA and Bad Mojo had his Dreamcast going with Soul Caliber. Staff had to split early though as we had a 5:30AM wakeup call so that we could set up the room. For the last party, the staff had access to the room Friday night...but because of a company Chrismas party we were unable to access the room to set up until Saturday morning.

Huge thanks goes out to our dedicated staff and the 4-5 non-staff volunteers that got up early and helped. Saturday morning's setup went without a hitch as we set up all of the tables, power cables, network cables, power box, switch/hub infrastructure, registration table and the tourney and game servers. 

At 10AM we opened the doors to what would become our best party yet.

Party on!
Checking in was a smooth operation. With the group effort of smeg, jargirl, and giblet, we were able to move a large amount of people through the check in process with little hassle. A special hats off goes to smeg for her tireless efforts in organizing the player packs and the check in process.

Pan Pics
Here's two shots huge panning shots of the party.

With the lights on before everyone set up...

...with everyone set up and the lights dimmed

And what the party would look like with twice the space ;>

smeg's foot
As some of you may have noticed, smeg was walking around with a bit of a limp. She fell on Friday and didn't have time to get it checked out before heading to F.R.A.G. Turns out that her foot was indeed BROKEN! What dedication!

Here's a shot of smeg's X-ray

To Do a LAN party at your house involves knowing where to plug in and knowing the phone number of the closest Domino's pizza. Doing a large scale LAN party takes not only tons of planning, but dedication, determination and attention to detail. Doing the F.R.A.G. parties is like throwing a wedding four times a year...except we try and unite the gaming community and not just the bonding of two people (get a room funny boys!). Our goal is to provide a place where you can bring your PC, hook up to the network and have a great time playing in an atmosphere conducive to having fun. First we had to scout out and reserve a hotel that met power and other requirements. Then there was building the power box for maximum throughput. We then planned out and implemented registration systems for both online signup and checking at the party. We worked on good server hardware and game configs. There were web pages to build, emails to be sent and sponsors to bother for prizes. When party time came there was getting the room and everyone in it set up and going. And finally running the tourneys and all the other stuff that makes F.R.A.G what it is.

So, why do we do it? Because we love it and because we like to throw the kind of LAN parties that we would like to attend. We hope you had as much fun at F.R.A.G. 7 as we did!


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