Who is the Lord of the Dance?

Version 1.0

This part of the web pages documents our first LAN Party. We weren't sure we would be able to handle the power requirements or that the servers wouldn't die, or even if the lag wouldn't be bad. I think we got lucky cause this thing took off like a Saturn V rocket with a vengeance. What a ride!

Our Preliminary Visit

The Real Deal
First we actually had to set up the tables and put our own machines up. Luckily we had set up the power cords the night before. Louie, Jev, Strider, Elric, Pyrotech, Stone, N8_Dawg, and Ptackbar set up hubs, switches, LAN cables, and their own machines while I (Bad Mojo) made sure the DHCP server was up as well as my three other servers. Silhouette made sure everyone checked in and answered questions. Jev set up his servers and before any of us were done, people started showing up. We were amazed at how many people showed up before 10:00am even rolled around. We were pumped. Here are a few setup photos.

Once things got under way, people really started getting into the gibbage. It was pretty quiet too. Very odd for a LAN Party. Here's a couple shots of guys who helped. By no means a complete list!

One on One Quake II Deathmatch Tournament
Basically, double elimination tournament with 24 entrants. Everyone payed a dollar to go to the winners. 1st place was 2/3 the pot or $16, and second place was 1/3 the pot, or $8. I wish we had recorded more demos of the final fights. I'll remember next party. Count won in the winners bracket and Time2Die won the losers bracket. Time2Die bested Count in the first final match, but Count came back and won the second time. Both were pretty damn good players. Here's the demo of the final match.

FFA Quake II Deathmatch Tournament
We had 17 people sign up for this, so we divided the contestants up into two groups and let the top four from each match duke it out in an 8 player FFA. The first two matches ended like this:

After we were down to 8 contenders, we alternated maps until we had one person win twice. It took four matches until someone won two times. Take a look. After all was said and done, Count won the pot of $17. N8_Dawg won a prize for coming in last place in the final match. 100 free hours of AOL! Wooo!



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