Who is the Lord of the Dance?

Contact Information


news@gamersgauntlet.com - News or information on upcoming LAN events should be emailed to this address.

fstaff@gamersgauntlet.com- Questions and concerns should be emailed to this address.

payment@gamersgauntlet.com - Questions about payment or registration should be sent to this address.

mojo@rps.net - Specific organization questions can be emailed to this address.

Also signup to the Mailing list to receive important announcements regarding the LAN party. If you have registered, you are already on the mailing list.


From an IRC client connect to irc.enterthegame.com on port 6667 and join the channel #g2

You can download IRC clients from the following links to connect. mIRC, ircn or BitchX 

Message Board

Click here for our online message board.

Mailing List:

This mailing list is for important announcements regarding the LAN Party. Feel free to join in order to be notified of changes and other Earth shattering news. All registered players will be added to the mailing list automatically when they register.

To join the mailing list, visit the mailing list info page.



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