Who is the Lord of the Dance?

What to Bring:

There are a lot of things you should do before you start heading towards the LAN Party. the following sections will help you get your machine and your bad self ready for a day of butt-kickin' and whoop-assin'.

Realize that when you hand over your entry fee, you are paying for the power and network access you will be using. We want to provide the optimum gaming experience we can with the resources we have. Those resources aren't unlimited and we manage them closely to make sure you get the low pings and the power you need to have a blast. (If you want to bring more than one computer to the event, please discuss it with the staff.)

This party will be B.Y.O.C. As in `Bring Your Own Computer'. This means that, as a participant, you will need to make sure you meet some hardware requirements. Since you will be bringing your computer into a large room with ALOT of other equipment and people, label your equipment that you want back. Get some masking tape, and a black marker, and write your name on EVERYTHING, even your underwear. This will help avoid confusion when we break down and you are trying to collect your stuff.

  • Required (configured and ready to go when you arrive)
    • Computer (of course)
    • Legitimate copies of software (and drivers!!!) you may need to reload/install/use
    • Ethernet card (RJ-45 style, like a phone jack, but bigger)
    • Ethernet cable (about 15 feet at least)
    • Monitor (unless you are blind)
    • Keyboard and Mouse (or equivalent)
    • Headphones*
    • Power strip
    • Brain (duh, not that we mind easy targets)
  • Suggested
    • Extra network supplies (cables/hubs)
    • Speakers*
    • Cash (for food, bail, whatever)
    • Multiplayer Games (such as Quake3, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Unreal Tournament, Worms World Party, Diablo 2, Red Alert 2, Fallout Tactics, Age of Empires, Half-Life, StarCraft, Warcraft II, Serious Sam, Tribes 2, Homeworld, Emperor of Dune, etc.)

*If you want to use speakers, it's ok. But if you're worried about actually hearing your own game and other people not hearing your game, use headphones. In addition, the noise level will have to be controlled, especially after 10pm.  Please be prepared to turn it down or use headphones if your a late night gamer.

What NOT to bring:

  • UPS - A UPS might sound like a good idea, but it actually draws more power than a normal computer and can CAUSE power problems. We're not above pointing fingers.
  • Bad Attitude - Leave it at home. Relax and have fun.
  • Weapons - This is also covered on the rules page.

What we will provide per individual...

  • One RJ-45 10Mbs network connection to the LAN
  • One 120V AC outlet for power
  • 3ft (or 1/2) of an 6ft table
  • Access to restrooms
  • Servers to host all the games/tournaments  listed on the games page.

Additional Software:

This page will list any software that is not directly related to a game that is being played. Check out the Details page for information on which games will be played at the party.

Game Spy Game Spy is used to provide a list of available servers. We will be running a Game Spy master server. Most games will be run on the standard port so that you can connect right from the games own network game connect utility. However, it is possible that there will be some servers that will be run on odd ports and it will be easiest to connect to them with Game Spy.



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