Who is the Lord of the Dance?


The LAN event, Gamerís Gauntlet, is run by an organization known as Free Range Action Gaming (F.R.A.G.). The primary goal of F.R.A.G. is to return something to the gaming community that it is part of.

F.R.A.G.ís goals as an organization are outlined below.†

Organization Projects
F.R.A.G.ís current project is the Gamers' Gauntlet LAN party (G2). G2 is not a `professionally' run LAN party, although the organization does everything it can to make our parties compare to professional events.

Event Goals
F.R.A.G.'s primary focus at any event is for attendees to have FUN. We realize that not everyone thinks the same things are fun. As a result we try to meet the definition of fun for as many event attendees as possible. From a gaming perspective we hold competitions, pick up games, and crazy tournaments. We strive to provide a solid and stable power and networking infrastructure at each event. Problems with power and networking definitely make events not fun. We also encourage a social atmosphere where attendees can get to know each other in person as well as battling it out in game.

Non-profit Status
F.R.A.G. is currently non-profit in nature even though we aren't a fully recognized non-profit organization according to the government. As we grow we are looking to formalize this status.

Organization Assets
The F.R.A.G. organization owns a majority of the equipment required to host events. Additional equipment is purchased with a portion of the funds collected from each event such as new hardware, cabling, power strips, etc. or to replace outdated or poorly performing existing items. Therefore, each event helps make future events better.

Corporations heavily fund professional parties. While G2 has corporate sponsorship including prizes and loaned equipment, our participantsí registration fees primarily fund each G2 party. By having the F.R.A.G. organization own the equipment necessary to host LAN events we can be assured that staff changes over time will not impact our ability to hold the same high-quality events we have held in the past.

F.R.A.G. staff have the responsibility to make sure all facets of each of our events go off without a hitch. In order to make this happen, organization members attend weekly meetings, server test sessions and perform other functions to prepare for, run and tear down each party. Staff members contribute from 20 to 120 hours of time from inception to post party wrap-up for each of our events. As a policy, event prizes are never withheld for staff members. Staff members are also ineligible for sponsor donated or purchased prizes. As a benefit, core staff receive free attendance to each event.

F.R.A.G. is an organization dedicated to providing fun and enjoyable gaming events to the gaming community. We hope that after attending a F.R.A.G. event our goals were achieved and you had fun!



Gamers' Gauntlet - A F.R.A.G. Staff Production
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