Who is the Lord of the Dance?

Refund Policy

Pre-paid players who need to cancel can receive a full refund of their entry fee. The following steps outline our refund policy.

  1. To receive a refund, the player must contact Quintin Stone with the cancellation at least 1 WEEK before the party starts. If the upcoming event begins Friday night, you have until the end of the previous Friday to cancel and receive a refund.

  2. When sending in your request for a refund, specify which method you would prefer: a mailed check, or payment through PayPal. People requesting checks need to supply a physical mailing address. Those who choose PayPal should give a PayPal account where the money should be transferred.


If instead of getting a refund, a pre-paid player wants to give their reserved spot to another registered person, that is fine. However, Quintin Stone needs to be contacted directly for this, and the request needs to come directly from the player who's giving up his/her spot. We can't give away people's paid seats on the say-so of a third party. The request needs to be received by the day before the party.



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