Who is the Lord of the Dance?

Version 5.0

If you have any additional photos or screen shots from this party, send them to gouki@rps.net and I'll post them here.

Well I would have to say that this was one of the most fun parties that we, the staff, have thrown and attended. The preparation started for this party a really long time before it actually happened. We have been working on this, our first, 3 day party over the last year. If you have hosted a lanparty before, then I must tell you that it is really time consuming and stressful. This isn't to discourage you from trying to host one. We have a brilliant staff and are all very hard working. We approached many places in the search for F.R.A.G. v5.0 and it came down to who was willing to meet us in the middle with our requests. As you saw, we ended up at the Best Western in Burlington, NC. They were willing and able to give us the requirements that we needed. Lastly, I hoped that everyone got to see out really cool power box that was hand built mostly by frankos, but with a little bit of help from me, Gouki. This box will guarantee that we will not have any power problems, due to our lack of preparation, ever. Special thanks goes out to Giblet's stepdad for making those killer trophies for us to give away to the winners. (Here's another pic.)

Now on to what actually happened at F.R.A.G. v5.0

Registration started at 5PM on Friday. People roamed in around that time and continued to until late Saturday afternoon. Here is Bad Mojo as he settles things behind the table, and here's another of him as he helps players check in. Most of check in was performed tirelessly by Giblet and Smeg.

Late that Friday night we held our one and only tournament scheduled for Friday. That was our UT FFA. This one was a blast to watch since some of the players hadn't played UT that much if any at all. When all of the dust had settled the winner was Pro.

That night amongst the many quake3, UT, and Counter-Strike playing we also were able to watch about 3 or 4 DVD's. That projector is just awesome.

The doors opened back up and things officially kicked back off around 10:00AM. As those people that actually got some sleep strolled in we kicked off the next tournament around 10:30AM. This was the Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings tournament. After the signups and tourney had completed the bracket looked a little like this. Frankos came away with this one, but it wasn't a breeze for him as he ran into Hiway. This was a good game guys. Here is a pic of them accepting their trophies.

Since AOK takes so long to play we went ahead and broke for lunch after this tourney. As soon as lunch was finished we were looking forward to getting the Counter-Strike tournament started up. Little did we know what we were getting into. ;)

There is no need for me to go into any depth on what happened in the Counter-Strike tourney since those of you that were involved know and I don't think I have that much time to sit here and type for days. Let's just say that I hope that the CS team will get their act together and get some things fixed. Anyway, after the many many moons that it took to finish this tournament the bracket looked a little something like this. The team that came away with the overall win consisted of Overkill, Chubrock, Layne, and Gypsy. They did an excellent job of controlling the game. Way to go guys!!!!

At this point I think we had some announcements and raffle prizes. I hope that everyone got to take something home that they won. We had a lot of stuff to give away, thanks to our really nice sponsors. Thanks!!!!!

The next tournament to get started was the UT 1v1. This was a pretty big tournament as there were many that had signed up. After a pretty smoothly ran tournament, we ended up with one man standing atop the mountain at the end. This was none other than PRO. He didn't have it very easy at the end when he ran into Ro. Some how those names just start running together or something.

Seems like it was supper time around here and when everyone came back and we got back underway we started the Quake3 1v1 tournament. This was one of the biggest ones that we had. There was some really good competition in this one and proved to be a great tournament to spectate. There were such talents as Shagguh, Time2Die, N8_Dawg, and Pro. Out of all of these great players came just one. As with highlander there can be only one. That one player that rose to the top was Pro. This makes the third tournament that he has one and believe me I don't think he is finished. In fact, here is a before and after shot of how he feels about his competition.

We intended to fit in there somewhere a Quake3 CTF tournament, but due to the Counter-Strike tourney lasting sooooooo looonnnnnggg. We could get it in there. That didn't mean that we weren't going to have fun and end up with extra trophies. We came up with three really fun tournaments to hand out the extra trophies. I am not sure in what order these came in, but does it really matter.

I think the first one that we did was the UT Mission Impossible match. For those that didn't get to attend F.R.A.G. v5.0, this tournament consisted of us throwing in as many players as wanted to play along with 6 bots with godlike skill. The winner would be the one that was able to get the most frags. With godlike bots in there, it wasn't very easy to get those frags. After the timelimit hit, the winner that came away with this one was P---, nope not Pro, but Exile.

The next one we did was a Quake3 gauntlet only match. This was so funny and really fun to play in. For this one we again threw as many that wanted to play into q3tourney3 and all they had was their gauntlet. We set the timelimit and then they were off. The winner would be the one that came away with the most pummel's with his gauntlet. Let's see if someone can guess who might win this one. Yep, you guessed it. N8_Dawg. Ok, well maybe you didn't guess it, but he still one.

The third and final fun tournament that we did was the Seeing Eye Dog tournament. This was extremely fun and at the same time funny to watch. Two players got together and formed a team. One player would be manning the mouse and keyboard while the other we be watching the monitor. The object was to guide your opponent through the level and get as many frags as possible. After one run through we swapped the players and let them play again. Then we accumulated the two scores and the team that had the most frags came away as the winners. The team that came away with this one was JohnnyMojo and Kildre. N8_Dawg and partner Pro came in second place.

That was pretty much how this one went. We then had the awards ceremony and began packing it all up. I must say that we, the staff, had a blast and would like to thank everyone that came. We do these parties for you, the public, because we enjoy it. We look forward to seeing everyone again at our future events.

Here are some more pics from the party:

  • Disco Ball 1
  • Disco Ball 2
  • Disco Ball 3
  • Disco Ball 4 - "Look into the Light!!"
  • Time2Die and N8_Dawg before the party began
  • Some of the first players to show up
  • Quintin Stone Dazed
  • Pro and his many victories
  • Time2Die and N8_Dawg after the party
  • Quintin Stone working hard at building a Wonder
  • LouZiffer - "Waaazzzzuuuuppp!"
  • LouZiffer and the projector
  • Bad Mojo... gettin' ugly
  • Jargirl getting everything set up for future ass-kicking
  • Jargirl and N8_Dawg... kicking ass, as requested
  • frankos watching porn
  • Man, this would have looked a lot better with a decent flash!

    What a blast that was.  See you at FRAG 6!!



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