Who is the Lord of the Dance?

Version 3.0

It would be safe to say that FRAG 3.0 was the best so far. On the down side, we did have one power outage, but it was out of our control as it was caused by the weather.  On the good side, we had a bunch of cool prizes and everything went really smooth.

The prizes included 2 free internet access passes from Internet Blue Ridge, 2 IBR shirts, and a $50.00 Bill courtesy of IBR.  Smeg won the $50.00.  We also had 4 action figures with the best one, Dr. Evil from Austin Powers going out as the 1st place prize for the Q2 Tourney.  We couldn't come up with 5 identical prizes for the Tribes tourney, so we gave out some of the Rice Crispy treats that Stone brought as prizes for that tourney. We even gave prizes to the losers of the Q2 FFA events.  Here are a couple pics of them: Q2 Losers Q2 Losers 2.  We also gave out a bunch of door prizes by drawing names out of The Hat.

We had 2 tourneys.  The 1st was a Q2 tourney, it started in FFA and ended in 1v1.  The winner was Time2Die and second place went to Thred.  We have demos from both players for the 2 final matches between Thred and Time2Die.

The second tourney was Tribes.  There were only 2 teams of 5 players so it was a best 2 of three match.  The teams were:
Team 1
Team 2
Bad Mojo
Lou Ziffer
Quintin Stone

Here are some pics from the party:
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We played in the dark with the disco ball for about an hour.

Here are some pics of the staff and the Servers Area:
Server Area 1
Server Area 2
Quintin Stone, Pyro, Bad Mojo
Quintin Stone, Pyro, Bad Mojo Again
frankos, Mojo, Stone
Bad Mojo and frankos
N8_Dawg and Jargirl
Pyrotech 2
Lou Ziffer and Stanima
lunk, Jargirl, and N8_Dawg

You know we were lucky no one was attacked by the Evil Shadow God

Think this computer might belong to a dedicated Linux fan?  Linux Box Linux Box2

Two clans had came in #'s to the party.  Wolvesmoon Clan and Killers Inc.  KI can be seen having a secret meeting with a couple other FRAGgers to try and over throw the FRAG staff in this pic.



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