Who is the Lord of the Dance?

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If you have any additional photos or screen shots from this party, send them to frankos@rps.net and I'll post them here.

YEE HAA!!  What a good time it was.  Something interesting happened this time around that many of you may not be aware of.  We (the staff) have made a habit of going to Amran the night before and setting up the tables, chairs, power cables, and network cables.  Well, the Shriners were having a meeting there Friday night so we didn't get to setup until Saturday morning.  However, with the addition of a few new staff members and hard work by everyone, we were able to pull it all together in less than an hour!  Not bad considring it usually took us 3 hours on Friday and 1 more on Saturday morning.

So enough of my ranting about what a Bad-Ass Staff F.R.A.G. has.  Time for the lowdown of the events on November 20, 1999. 

Registration started at 9AM on Saturday.  People were there in droves by 10AM.

Around 11:30 we started the Unreal Tournament FFA Tourney.  It was quite a battle but in the end.  There were several players of similar caliber but when it comes down to it one man stood alone away from the rest of the pack.  /dev/frag won 1st place and I'm sure was the the undisputed UT king at FRAG 4.  The rest of the players were much closer score wise with KI|Time2Die just edging  ??? out for 2nd place.  3rd obviously went to ???.  Woody came in dead last in the final match.

Around the same time as the finals of the UT tourney we started the Quake 2 2v2 tourney.  Eleven teams signed up for the Q2 tourney.  I didn't think the brackets though all the way and we ended up with 3 teams in the finals.  So rather than have the traditional finals, we opted for a Round Robin style finish where all 3 teams played each other over and over and the 1st team to win both of their matches would be the Winner.  The team that won the other match would receive 2nd place.  Well only one round was necessary as KI|Time2Die and KI|N8_Dawg strolled past KI|Rasta and Schmoe, and were able to squeeze a victory out of KI|lostboy and KI|Hydro-Ax. KI|lost boy and KI|Hydro-Ax were took the other win and claimed 2nd place.

Near the end of the Q2 Tourney and the Start of the Q3 tourney we took a little time for the FRAG Pyramid.  We had originally planned to get everyone in the server and create a pyramid and then fire all weapons in the same direction at the same time.  Well, there seems to be some problem with the current build of Q3 that would make the server crash if you tried to run it with more than 30 clients.  So we were limited to 30 clients.  With 2 flying around in spectator mode to take screen shots, the FRAG pyramid ended up only being 28 players.  Still not bad though.  You can see all the available screen shots here.

The quake 3 tournament was quite a blast as well.  It was a 3v3 tourney on the map Q3DM7.  Having taken a little more time to think though the brackets, the finals turned up to only have 2players in it.  Here is a list of the top 3 finishers:

1.  KI|NoogMan - KI|2W1LD4U - KI|Time2Die
2.  Ice.9 - Drizzit - Dantrang
3.  Legalize_It - Kildre - Johnny Mojo and KI|Lostboy - KI|Hydro-AX - KI|Rasta

James Green from Epic Stopped by around 6PM to drop off a few T-Shirts and a Retail Copy of Unreal Tournament.  Of course, with this being the best prize of the night, we opted to save it for last.  Who would win, but Brian "Boss" Reynolds from Red Storm Entertainment!  What are the chances?

Some of the other prizes we had to give away were "Red Red-Hat Hats", Total Annihalihation: Kingdoms, Loads and Loads of Bawls,

Not to mention the winners of the tournaments all received a $20.00 Gift certificate for Best Buy and the 2nd place winners received a $10.00 one.

Here are some Other pics from the party: 
The Master of Ceremonies 
GLP Pic 1
GLP Pic 2
GLP Pic with Occubus and Bad Blood Standing
Drizzit in front of Ice.9
GLP Pic 3 
N8_Dawg, Jargirl, and Tim2Die shooting the breeze 
GLP Pic 4 
Bad Mojo, Smeg, frankos, LouZiffer, Gouki
2W1LD4U and KI|Noogman 
Quintin Stone 
GLP Pic 5 
GLP Pic 6 Showing Hydro-Ax with a big grin
Preacher - Anti-Gravity - ???
N8_Dawg, Lunk, and ShockWave
Hydro-Ax draws a name
Lunk Draws a name
2W1LD4U wins a cool UT Shirt

We hope everyone had a great time.  I sure know I did.  See you at FRAG 5!



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