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Quake3 1v1 Tournament Details

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Welcome to the Gamers' Gauntlet Quake3 1v1 Tourney Rules! This time around we are going to have a FFA qualifying rounds to get the brackets down to 32 players and then have a bracketed double elimination tourney. If 64 people signup we would have 8 games of 8 players and take the top 4 scorers and then take the top 4 scorers and randomly seed them into the brackets. Powerups will be disabled. The FFA qualifying map will be Q3DM6. The DM6 version will be the TMP version.

Quake3: Arena: Tournament 1v1 Rules:

Qualifying FFA map:

The Camping Grounds (Q3DM6)
1v1 Maps: 
Self damage: ON
Timelimit: 15
Overtime: Sudden Death
Fraglimit: None
Forced Respawn: 10
Power-ups: OFF
Coaches: Allowed
Voice Comm: N/A

Additional downloads:


Please make sure to refer to the "General Quake3 Tournament Rules" page for more details.




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