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Quake3 CTF Tournament Details

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Welcome to the Gamers' Gauntlet Quake3 4v4 CTF tourney Rules!
Below are the settings that we will be using which are just standard CTF tourney settings. You can view a visual CTF map list here.


Japanese Castles - q3wcp1
ShiNNing Forces (aka Crew)- q3wcp5
Devolved CTF - q3wcp6
Spider Crossings - q3wcp9
Mostly Harmless - q3wcp12
Camper Crossings - q3wcp14
Industrial Revolution - q3wcp15
City Crossings - q3w7
Team Size: 4 players
Team damage: OFF
Self damage: ON
Timelimit: 20minutes
Overtime: Sudden Death
Capture Limit: None.
Fraglimit: None
Coaches: Allowed
Voice Comm: Allowed

Additional downloads:

Threewave 1.0 and Threewave 1.2 Patch

Please make sure to refer to the "General Quake3 Tournament Rules" page for more details.




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