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Quake3 Game Types

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Here is an explanation of some of the game types that Quake3 supports. Some tpyes are only supported on the "Quake3: Team Arena" expansion pak that id has recently put it and will be noted on the end with a (TA) to not so. Also, servers on the LAN at the event with have a (TA) in the server name to notate that the TeamArena expansion pak is need to play.

Capture the flag (Standard CTF)
CTF is a game where you have two teams, two bases, and two flags. You join either the red team or the blue team. Your first job is to defend your base from the other team while your teammates try to infiltrate the others base so that they can grab their flag (the enemies) and carry it back to your base to score (also known as Capturing the flag!). Your team gets one point for each successful "capture" of the enemies flag. If you see that there are plenty defending your base, which can be determined by how easily (or not) your defense team is disposing of the evading enemy, you too can go for the flag...just don't forget the way home! If your flag carrier gets back and your flag is gone...your team has to hunt down (and kill) the enemy flag carrier and return the flag before you can score. Your flag is instantly returned to base upon being touched by a person on that same team while not in the possession of the enemy. This concludes CTF 101.

Capture the flag (TA Style)
Like the standard CTF except with the addition of RUNES and new POWERUPS and some slightly modified CTF maps from the original release.


Scout - Basically permanent haste with the penalty of not being able to get any armor.

Guard - Like the old school "Regen" rune that regenerates your health and armor.

Doubler - Double damage

Ammo-Regen - Does exactly what it says...regenerates your ammo


Kamikaze - More of a useable item that kills everything in the immediate area upon use. Replaces the BFG as the "KING LLAMA" weapon.

Invulnerability - Another useable item that when used pops a invulnerability bubble around you from where you can shoot out but can't be hurt...till it runs out. You also cannot move while active.

Capture Strike (CTFS)
CaptureStrike is a fast paced blend of Capture the Flag, Rocket Arena, and CounterStrike. Teams take turns being Offence or Defense and battle until one team is dead, or the Offense team captures the flag.

Clan Arena (CA)
In CA, you join either the blue or red team with all of the weapons (except the BFG) with a moderate amount of ammo, full health, and 150 armor. The concept is "Last man standing" where you and your teammates hunt out the other team (think team work) till there's no one left but you. The round winner is decided when one loses all of it's members to the other team. The game winner is decided by the team with the most round wins out of 13. It takes 7 rounds for a team to win the game.

Free For All (FFA)
Spawn, pickup weapon, kill anything that moves. Pickup health and armor when needed. Powerups are a plus. Rinse and repeat.

Harvester (TA)
This is basically like the classic "Head Hunters" Quake mod. FFA/Team Play with a twist. Players that die drop a crystal skull that other players or teammates can then pickup and take back to their flag to score. Picking up skulls that are the same color as you and/or your team removes them from play.

Overload (TA)
Each team has a obelisk in their base which has a skull in the center of it witch is capable of 2500 points of damage. To win you have to takeover and secure the other teams obelisk and destroy the skull in it. The skull  regens at a rate of 15 points per second so you have to be fast.

Rocket Arena 3(RA3)
RA3 is just like CA except that the RA3 server can support multiple "arenas" that you can join once connected to the server where as CA only has the one "arena/map". RA3 also has a built in IRC client and a MP3 player. The Rounds are designed a little different as well..

Rail Insta-gib
One rail and you're history. FFA with a twist. Each rail hit invokes 999 points of damage. Groovy...

Terrain CTF (TA)
Nothing really different over regular TA CTF other than the HUGE maps. Very tribes-ish feeling.

Tourney mode(1v1)
The public servers will be setup with the standard id and CPL TMP maps. The tourney servers will have q3tourney2, q3tourney4, q3dm6, and q3dm13 enabled only. The CPL maps will be used where ever possible.




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