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Return to Castle Wolfenstein Game Types

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Here's a quick run down of the different gametypes that you can play in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. This borrows heavily from the RtCW manual.

Objective (wolf MP) is the default multiplayer mode. In this mode, the Axis and Allied teams will each have one or more objectives to accomplish within a time limit. The first team to accomplish all of its objectives wins.

Stopwatch (wolf SW) mode is similar to Objective mode but with a twist—after every round, the teams will switch sides and will have to beat the other team’s time from the previous round. Note: You cannot change teams in this game mode.

In Checkpoint (wolf CP) mode, the teams battle for control of checkpoint flags in several areas on a map. The first team to simultaneously control every checkpoint flag or the team that has the most flags when the time expires, wins.  



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