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General Event Rules

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These are the rules. If these rules change, it will be noted on the news page as well as via mailing list. The rules are up to the FRAG staff's interpretation. They will be enforced by all of the staff. If you have a question, comment, suggestion, or dispute, send us some e-mail about it.

Age Limitation
No one under the age of 16 will be allowed. If you are under 16 and want to attend, send mojo an e-mail to discuss your options. (We can work around this on acase by case basis.) If you are under 18 (a minor) then you will need a parent to sign for you. Click one of the links depending on which version you of the waiver yout want, (MSWord)/(Acrobat Reader),to download a copy of the waiver you will be asked to sign at the door.

Noise Tolerance
Depending on thetime of day, a certain level of noise will be acceptable. But understand it is easy to get loud while having a good time and you will be asked to quiet down if noise level gets out of control.

Thou Shalt Not Steal
Watch your items so that they do not walk away. Label your equipment with your name. The staff will be watching for people moving equipment. If we catch you stealing something, we will not hesitate to contact the local police. Please don't disappoint us here.

As an added precaution you can take your keyboard, mouse,mouse pad, and accessories with you at the end of the day when you leaveyour computer to go back to your room for sleep/shower/whatever.

No Piracy
Any games, music, and/or software you plan on using should be a legal copy that you own. In that same vein, if we find that you have a directory shared out that is being disruptive to the network we will ask you to unshare it.

No Alcohol or Drugs
Do not bring alcohol to the party. Do not drink alcohol at the party. Do not arrive intoxicated.

No Smoking
Smoking is not permitted inside the building. If you *HAVE* to smoke, do it outside.

No Weapons
No openly carried fixed-blade knives, firearms, or anything else considered a device created to injure another person. Pocket knives, computer tools, and like things are ok.

No rough housing or runningaround the tables and equipment. You not only risk your safety, but thesafety of others around you and risk disturbing other player's fun at the party.

No Cheating
Of course, there is no cheating allowed in public games or tournaments. The Gamer's Gauntlet staff reserves the right to examine your computer at any time forcheats during the duration of the event in the event that there are questions.

Behave Yourself!
Mind your manners and we'll all get along. Treat and respect those the same way you would want others to treat and respect you. Loud-mouthed obnoxious jerks will be thrown out on their ears with no refunds. Any sort of criminal activity will land you in the same boat.



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