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Tournament Rules

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Gamers' Gauntlet General Tournament Rules
Last Edit: January 30, 2002

The general rules listed here are the default rules for all tournaments. Each tournament has a specific set of rules based on game, mod, players, etc. Tournament specific rules always take precedence over general rules.

I – Tournament Staff

Tournament Coordinator
Each tournament will have a Tournament Coordinator dedicated solely to that tournament. The tournament coordinator’s responsibility is to ensure a smoothly run tournament including the tournament bracket system, determining maps to be played by coin toss if necessary and other organizational issues with running the tournament. The Tournament Coordinator is the final say on any rules or judgments for any game or issue in that tournament. The Tournament Coordinator is not eligible to participate in the tournament

Tournament Server Admin
Each tournament has a Tournament Server Admin who makes sure all servers are running correctly including correct settings, number of servers available, server performance and technical game questions. The Tournament Server Admin is not eligible to participate in the tournament.

II – Team Captains
In team-based games, each team must identify a captain to represent them throughout the tournament. Team captains are responsible for:

  • verifying the team members know and understand the tournament rules
  • which maps the team wants to play
  • which map(s) the team wants thrown out if both teams can't decide on maps
  • finding and discussing map selection with the other team captain
  • ensuring the team knows and follows the schedule
  • updating the brackets after each match.
  • keeping the tournament coordinator informed of any situations that arise.

III – Tournaments Overview

IIIa - Signup Process

  1. Signup Times
    The signup period for each tournament starts from when the doors open until 1 hour before the start of the tournament. To signup for a tournament you need a team name, team captain and players to complete the team
    Bracket setup and seeding
  2. 30 minutes before the start of the tournament, brackets are built randomly by computer and are posted. No team seeding is done. Random seeding and double elimination tournaments are the mechanisms used to let the best player win. 
    Pre-tournament announcements & orientation
  3. 15 minutes before the start of the tournament, the tournament coordinator will call all teams up to the front for tournament orientation and to announce any last minute information.

IIIb - Tournament/Match Process

  1. For each round determine the match game server and opponent from the bracket. Servers are indicated with a green S#
  2. If you need to know the team members for your opponents look at the team lists beside the brackets to determine players. If you need to contact another team work with the team captain unless they are not available.
  3. Team captains discuss map selection based on the approved maps for the tournament. If a map cannot be agreed upon, teams alternate by eliminating maps until only two maps remain. The tournament coordinator will then toss a coin for final map determination for the match. .
  4. The Team captain notifies the team of the map to be played, server and start time.
  5. After the match is played, the team captain updates the bracket. If the team has lost in a double elimination tournament they note the game number they just played indicated by a blue G# and enter their name in the appropriate seeding location in the losers bracket
  6. If the team is still in the tournament repeat 1-5.

IV – Additional

Player aliases
Players participating in a match should use the same name they used to sign up for the event. This helps keep other players, screenshots and demos straight.

In-game spectators are not allowed in any matches. It's a LAN...get up and go watch!

Player substitution
Teams cannot make player substitutions once a team has begun play in the tournament. If a team member is not available the team can play with less than a full team or forfeit the match. No exceptions will be made.

Voice communication
Using voice communication at Gamers' Gauntlet is allowed. 

  • Rogerwilco and BattleCom are good examples of voice communication applications. 
  • Gamers' Gauntlet does not provide participants dedicated base stations. 
  • Spectator spying, the use of spectators using a voice communication application to report another teams status, is not an issue since spectators are not allowed in match servers.

Coaches can enhance the playing experience and are allowed at an event level but may be disallowed on a tournament by tournament basis. Please verify with the tournament specific rules whether coaches are permitted or not. In general:

  • Only one coach per team
  • Coaches must remain seated once the match has started
  • Coaches cannot look at the opposing teams monitor
  • Disruptively loud noise from a coach will be cause for a warning and then disqualification of that team from the tournament

External .EXE's
External helper programs such as bots, timers and proxies are prohibited unless pre-approved by the tournament coordinator. If you use any external programs please contact the tournament coordinator prior to the start of the tournament for a judgment on tool’s use within the tournament. Non-approved tool usage is grounds for tournament disqualification.

V - Match Problems

Restarting the match
Once started, games will not be restarted or replayed. Contact the Tournament Coordinator immediately for help if you think a match should be restarted for reasons not covered here.  Contacting the Tournament Coordinator mid-match is not grounds for restarting that match.

Teams not on a server 15 minutes after the match start time forfeit. Note the tournament schedule. Any changes to the schedule due to unexpected party issues will be announced and updated on the Intranet page. You nor your team will receive a forfeit loss as long as you keep the tournament coordinator informed and the delay if minimal. You WILL receive a forfeit if you and/or your team disappear and you leave an "unknown situation" for others to sort out.

System Crashes / Player Overflows
Invariably, machines crash and players get disconnected from games. If this happens, a timeout should be called if the game supports it. If not supported, play continues. Three timeouts per team are allowed for unusual circumstances per match.

Server Crashes / Power Problems
Server crashes or power circuits tripping are cause for match completely restarting unless a player can produce a screenshot with the remaining time and score. If a screenshot is produced a second game will be setup with a time limit rounded up to the nearest 5 minute mark. For example, if the game crashed at the 12 minute mark with 8 minutes left in the game the restarted game time limit will be 10 minutes. The first games points will be applied to the final score of the second game.

Team / Player No Shows
If a team is a "No show" and the tournament coordinator isn't aware of an exception situation the team forfeits the current match. Double forfeits happen if both teams are unavailable during a round.

Outside Interferences
Outside interference such as loud participants, loud music, spectators on the server, etc. If you are being distracted by any outside interference bring it up to the Tournament Coordinator BEFORE THE MATCH STARTS so that they address the issue.

High Pings
If your ping becomes you can call a timeout if supported and seek the help of the tournament coordinator. 
What you can do to help! Turn off all file sharing during tournament and prime playing hours. If you know of someone that has a file share enabled then either ask them to turn it off or inform a tournament coordinator of the situation so that they can address it.

VI - Misconduct

Cheating is a very serious offense and is defined as any modification to the game .exe, external paks that provide non-standard crosshairs, models, sounds or hacks that change the way the game plays (auto-aim, headshot, radar, etc.). Basically cheating is defined as doing an action against the rules, against the way something wasn’t intended, and/or taking advantage of an exploit without informing the opposing team, etc. Any form of cheating will result in that expulsion from the tournament. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse. If you have any questions on tools you use please address them with the Tournament Coordinator before the start of the tournament.

General Misconduct
Verbal and physical abuse is not tolerated. Based on the situation this could result in tournament and/or even event expulsion.

VII - Tips/Check list:

  • Come prepared with a team name
  • Don't wait for the opponent to contact you. Take the bull by the horns
  • If a decision can't be reached let a tournament coordinator know ASAP!
  • Have the Tournament Coordinator approve anything that might be considered cheating before the event
  • Congratulate your opponent(s) no matter the outcome of the match. Sometimes the best friends are made from the worse match outcomes.
  • Take a screenshot at the end of the match!
  • If unsure if the server you’re in is a tournament server check out the name.
  • Tournament servers will have the name "Match" in their names and public or pickup servers will have the word "Pub" or "Pickup" in their names.

VIII – Help and Questions

Obtaining help
For general help you can approach the server table and state the nature of the problem. If it is specific to a particular tournament you need to contact that tournament's coordinator. Any questions or issues you have with the rules should be brought up with the staff prior to the party or before the tournament start.



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