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Unreal Tournament Game Types

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Version 4.36 (Win32)
Version 4.36 (Mac)
Version 4.36 (Linux)
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Here is an explanation of some of the game types that UT supports.

Capture the flag (Standard CTF)
CTF is a game where you have two teams, two bases, and two flags. You join either the red team or the blue team. Your first job is to defend your base from the other team while your teammates try to infiltrate the others base so that they can grab their flag (the enemies) and carry it back to your base to score (also known as Capturing the flag!). Your team gets one point for each successful "capture" of the enemies flag. If you see that there are plenty defending your base, which can be determined by how easily (or not) your defense team is disposing of the evading enemy, you too can go for the flag...just don't forget the way home! If your flag carrier gets back and your flag is gone...your team has to hunt down (and kill) the enemy flag carrier and return the flag before you can score. Your flag is instantly returned to base upon being touched by a person on that same team while not in the possession of the enemy. This concludes CTF 101.

In Assault, you spawn on either the Red or Blue team. In the first half of the game, one team tries to infilitrate the opposite side's base and destroy a number of targets in the proper order. Once the offense succeeds (or time expires), the two teams switch sides and now the defense team is on offense, trying to accomplish the same goal. If they can do it in less time than the first offense team did, they win. Otherwise, they lose.

Deathmatch (DM)
Spawn, pickup weapon, kill anything that moves. Pickup health and armor when needed. Powerups are a plus. Rinse and repeat.

Similar to CTF, but here the goal is to control the X-shaped "capture points". By touching one, your team gains "control" of the position and will gain points for as long as your team controls it. Your goal is to stop the opposing team from taking the control point away from you. When time runs out, whichever team has the most points wins.

Super Shock Rifle Insta-gib
One rail and you're history. DM with a twist. Each shot hit invokes 999 points of damage. Groovy...




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