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We will be running the 1.11 US version of MoHAA.

Mod Info

We will be running the CKR 1.1 realism mod on the servers. This modifies the weapons to make them more lethal (Rifles kill in one shot to a vital area, etc). It also modifies weapon accuracy on full-auto, the amount of ammunition and grenades you start with, and makes reload times longer on the rocket launchers. What mods you choose to run on your client is up to you, but be aware that in the tournament, bright skins and such are not allowed. I chose CKR because it plays well and has decent documentation. MoHAA is still in its infancy; if you've got a mod you would like to try, let me know and we can either try it on the servers or you can start up a listen server with the mod running to check it out.

Game Types

There are currently four major game types in MoHAA: Free-For-All, Team DeathMatch, Round-Based Team Deathmatch, and Objective. We will have pickup servers running for Team DeathMatch and Objective, while the tournament is going to be Round-Based Team DeathMatch.


We will be running the pick of the MoHAA maps. There will be at least one large Omaha session at some point during the party. If a majority of the players want to play on one of the larger maps, we can inject it into the rotation.

Normal Rotations:

  • Team DM
    • mohdm2 -- Village
    • mohdm3 -- Remagen
    • mohdm4 -- Crossroads (Bridge)

  • Objective
    • obj_team1 -- The Hunt
    • obj_team2 -- V2 Rocket
    • obj_team4 -- Bridge

  • Round-Based
    • Same as Team DM



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