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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Tournament Rules

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Welcome to the Gamers' Gauntlet Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (MoHAA) 4v4 Round-basd Team DM Tourney Rules!

Version Information

See the info page for version information.

Please refer to the General Tournament Rules before reading these.

Map Picking and Match Rules

  • Teams are made up of four players.
  • Each team picks a map.
  • Coin toss decides which map gets played.
  • Loser of the coin toss chooses their side.
  • Round timer is set to 5 minutes.
  • Each match is composed of three rounds, best 2 out of 3 wins.

Match Progression

  • Step 1: Coin toss winner chooses the map, coin toss loser chooses their side, Axis or Allies.

  • Step 2: Once all players are in, the match is initiated by the Team Captain of the team that won the coin toss. This is accomplished by running a "callvote map" to the selected map from the console. Make sure that all of your players have the console turned on before starting the match. This can be accomplished by starting the game with "+ui_console 1" or by selecting that option in the in-game configuration. If you press the tilde (~) key and get the chat console along the bottom of the screen you are wrong -- change your settings and get the game console that shows up in the middle of the screen. This is easily confused, so make sure you understand before you get to the party.

  • Step 3: Once the match has started, you must play through to the conclusion of the three rounds. Both Team Captains are responsible for keeping track of who won and who lost (since the game does not tell the server console at the end who won the match). Once a match has been decided, report in to the Tourney Coordinator with the results. The only thing that will stop a match and restart it from the beginning is a server crash.


mohdm2 -- Village
mohdm3 -- Remagen
mohdm4 -- Crossroads


Game Type: Round-based Team DM with CKR 1.1 Realism Mod
Team Damage: ON
Self damage: ON
Overtime: None
Fraglimit: None
Coaches: Allowed
Voice Comm: Allowed
Player Weapons: No restrictions



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