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Return to Castle Wolfenstein Tournament Rules

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Match Rules (revised March 24th, 2002)

Welcome to the Gamers' Gauntlet Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RtCW) tourney Rules! These rules are modeled after the "Battle on the Beachhead" tournament.

We will be running the latest version of RtCW, which at the moment is 1.3. There isn't a tourney mod for RtCW as of yet so we'll be using the built tourney mod functions instead.

NOTE: Please refer to the General Tournament Rules before reading these.


Beach Invasion - mp_beach
Castle - mp_castle
Communique - mp_base
Village - mp_village

You can view a visual map list here.

Match Settings

Gametype: Stop Watch (SW)
Round number: Best of three
Timelimit: 9 minutes
Team Size: 6 players
Team damage: ON
Self damage: ON
Overtime: None
Fraglimit: None
Coaches: Allowed (but NOT as in game spectator)
Voice Comm: Allowed
Player Classes: No restrictions


Servers will be listed both on the Intranet page server list and also beside the tourney brackets. Servers are setup to not start until players issue a /callvote start_match command to start the match.

Cheating and client settings

Clients can only use the default models and skins that shipped with RtCW. Any "reload" scripts

Examples of cheating (from the OGL BOB rules page)

  • Rapid reload scripts - any script or bind which uses "drop weapon" to reduce the time needed to perform a weapon reload
  • CVAR Lagging - Any modification of cvars which results in extreme player lag, or "warping"
  • Weapon recharge time exploits - any action or combination of actions which permit a player to side-step the built in recharge time for weapons such as the Panzerfaust

Map picking and Match play

  • Each team picks a map
  • Coin toss decides which map is to be played. The clan that wins the coin toss also gets to decide team gets to be the allies first round
  • Stopwatch set to 9 minutes

How the match progresses


  • Round 1: The time is set
  • Round 2: Team switch sides and the other team tries to beat the set time


  • Round 1: Teams keep sides from Round 2 of Game 1 and play to set the time to beat
  • Round 2: Team switch sides and the other team tries to beat the set time

Game3 is played if there is a tie in games won.

Additional downloads:

RtCW 1.3 Patch



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