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Saturday, Nov 24, 2001 12:09 AM
As you see in the previous post, Return to Castle Wolfenstein has gone gold and is now out! While I havn't had a chance to play it, Time2Die put up some thoughts on KillersInc.com. Yet another game we're looking forward to seeing a lot of at the next G2.

Bad Mojo

Thursday, Nov 15, 2001 09:11 AM
Things have been rather slow in the world of PC gaming in the past months. Not a lot of new, wildly popular games were showing up. But good news is here!

Ghost Recon showed up in stores everywhere yesterday. If you like realism based tactical games, I HIGHLY recommend checking this game out. It's based on the Rainbow Six series of Tom Clancy games but with a bit more action. A sane, IMO, alternative to the overly hyped and aging Counter-Strike. :) I'm hoping to see a lot of this new game at the next G2.

And Return to Castle Wolfenstein has gone GOLD! We played a lot of the demo at our last G2 and we'll probably see even more of the retail game at the next event.

Well, that's all for now. We're still nailing down specifics for out next event and as soon as we get information, we will make announcements and post the dates. Stay tuned!

Bad Mojo

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2001 10:33 PM
Our final question on the survay at G2-II was actually kinda serious this last time around. In that one random winner was chosen from all those who got the answer right to receive free entrance to the next G2. Here's the list of people who DID get it right.
  • DoGBizziL4ShizeL
  • Badblood
  • DevilStick
  • Bison
  • Flav
  • Wyldfyre
  • Outzider
And the winner is .... Wyldfyre! Wooo! Congratulations! No matter the cost, a free, pre-payed, ready to go pass to G2 is waiting for you at the next G2. You are truly the Lord of the Dance!

We'll be posting info about our next event (hopefully in February) as soon as we have more solid information!

Bad Mojo

Thursday, Oct 18, 2001 7:31 PM
The G2-II History Page is now up! Go relive the latest G2 event in all it's full color glory, or see what you missed out on. Make sure that if you see any errors, let us know so we can make sure the history page gets updated.

I'll also mention that we plan to announce the winner of the final survey question contest in the next few days so stay tuned!

Bad Mojo

Monday, Oct 15, 2001 11:37 AM
Just a few announcements involving other LAN parties coming up.

A new event near Lynchburg, VA is looking for people who would be insterested in attending a new LAN party. Their web page isn't ready yet but they have forums up at http://www.lan-gaming.net/ubb. If you are interested, go show your support on the forums to help them determine how many people might attend.

October 26th and 27th will be the Charlotte, NC LAN party, Network Invasion Charlotte. They still have plenty of open seats and even yours truly is planning to attend. They have Q3 CTF 4v4, UT, and CS 4v4 tournaments lined up. NIC is actually patterned after our own events in many ways and guarantees to be a blast.

Bad Mojo

Monday, Oct 08, 2001 10:02 AM
G2-II was a huge success. From what I have gathered, everyone had a great time playing games all weekend. We will be announcing two things as soon as possible. 1) The winner of the final question posed on the Surveys and, 2) the date of our next event.

I want to thank everyone who attended and helped set up, break down, and run the event. I also want to thank SirJev and Lunk for providing projectors, Flav for taking so many photos, Pro and JarGirl for picking some great prizes, and Aetius for working the worst desk shift of the event. I'm sure there are others who helped us out and I know I can't remember everyone of those people. I'm haivng trouble remembering the weekend as is. :)

Bad Mojo

Thursday, Oct 04, 2001 11:59 PM
Tomorrow is the day G2 kicks off. Travel safe and here's a few things to help your check-in go smoothly.

Don't bring your system right in. Park your car, lock it, and saunter into the hotel. If you're experienced enough, you can try to wrangle from the car to the hotel, but don't blame me if you hurt yourself. Then, once inside, you can wait for the doors to open, get your hotel room in order, or go ahead and register if the doors are open and find some seats. THEN go get your system and bring it on in. This way you don't get stuck holding your giant monitor and wondering what to do.

Read everything you get when you register at G2. There's a lot of info in there and instead of competing for staff attention, try to find your answer in the packet we hand out. If you can't find it, then ask staff. It'll save you some time and let the staff answer more questions.

And most of all, relax and have fun. See you tomorrow! :)

Bad Mojo

Wednesday, Oct 03, 2001 12:57 PM
The F.R.A.G. staff have been busy. Very busy. We got a hot cookie sheet full of hot gaming goodness that we'll be serving up this weekend. Prizes, tournaments, spot-light servers, games, and even some Bawls. I truly do pitty those who can not attend this weekends events. Their only saving grace is the fact that we all know there will be more G2's in the future.

Also, check out the forums if you have any questions or just want to figure out who's going to be playing Dance Dance Revolution this weekend!

As everyone prepares for this weekend, be sure to pack plenty of clean underwear and make sure you have bail money. :)

Bad Mojo

Monday, Oct 01, 2001 07:22 AM
Ahhhh. The month of October. The sweet smell of gibs. The fluttering of rockets in the air. The sounds of `WTF?' and `I 0wn3d j00!' delight the ears. And in only a few days, G2 will be going on in all of its fragalicious beauty.

If you're thinking of not paying online, I'll point out that the cost is the same as paying at the door (now that the Early Bird special is over). You'll also be assured of your spot and not lose it to walk-ins as well as getting a spiffy badge and name tent with your handle printed on it in magnificent Helvetica 24 point font (laser printed no less). But if you want to get all those spiffy cool neat-o things (not to mention a guaranteed seat) you need to ACT FAST!

A small note for those participating in the Q3 tournaments. We will be using Q3A 1.29h and NOT 1.30. This is due to stability and mod support issues.

And in closing, for those who do visit the forums, NO COUNTDOWN CRAP! You know exactly what I'm talking about. :)

Bad Mojo

Monday, Sep 24, 2001 6:27 PM
Just a quick mention that the Early Bird price of $25 ends Tuesday night at midnight. Once Wednesday rolls around, the price will go up to $35 for both prepays and those who pay at the door. Do yourself a favor, save the ten bucks and get your payment in right now!

Now I've already mentioned that the two really big tournaments we're running are a Quake 3 CTF 4v4 and a Counter-Strike 5v5. But that's not all. On Sunday, as you may have seen on the schedule, we're running a Quake 3 1v1 bracket with a qualifier DM round, and a Worms World Party competition. There's nothing like watching slimy invertebrates slaughter each other with high-tech weaponry!

But that's not all. Many of you past attendants may be familiar with our "Fun Tourneys", and we have several planned. What's a fun tourney, you ask? Basically, a quick, wild competition between a large number of players in an unorthodox game or playmode. We have 3 of them planned for this upcoming event. I won't tell you exactly what they are :) but I can tell you that if you plan to participate, you should make sure you've got Unreal Tournament and Serious Sam installed (or at least bring your CDs).

Plus, we'll be running a number of different servers with a variety of mods on them. A lot of people come to a LAN party hoping to expand their gaming horizons, and we want to help out. We're planning right now to run servers at varying times for Tribes 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein test, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, Half-Life, and possibly others. Just some forewarning if you want to come prepared.

Quintin Stone

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