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Quake3 Tournament Rules

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We will be running version 1.31 of Quake3 on the servers with 1.01 of OSP. The tourney and server specs will be version locked 2 weeks before the event as to not risk running the tourney on untested software or having to deal with newly discovered bugs and/or problems. Some of these rules might seem obvious, but it's better to cover all the bases than leave people second guessing.

We have a local mirror for Quake3 updates here.

For easier administration  (for both us and you the player) we will be running the OrangeSmoothie (OSP) tourney mod (modification) on the Quake3 servers.  Also, all of the servers will be running  the "OSP-PURE" client which helps eliminate the chance of cheating (not that anyone coming would do that). You will have to turn "Allow Downloads" to  "on" (cl_allowdownloads 1) to have the server  automatically update your client.  You can download the mod to practice locally here:

For servers and clients: Download the OSP mod
Server How-to: Time2Die's Quake3Arena Server Setup Guide 

NOTES: The tourney servers will have "auto-demo" and "auto-screenshot" enabled which would create and record demo's of the tourney games and take a screenshot at the end. We will have information at the event where you can upload/download event demo's. The pickup and public servers will not have this enabled by default but you can set cg_autoAction to "6" and the client will auto record and take a screenshot at the end of the game.


There will be pickup servers setup and running the entire length of the event for practicing for the tournaments in addition to public servers running the various other games types (CA/RA3/TA). If there is a gametype you'd like to play but don't see running check the webpage/gamespy and if you still don't see it come up to the server table and ask.

Client Settings:

These settings must stay at the default settings

  • freeze
  • r_lodcurveerror
  • testgun
  • testmodel

The following settings should be observed:

  • cl_maxpackets  20-100
  • snaps > 20
  • cl_timenudge > -50

NOTE: com_maxfps should not change once the match starts.


Each tourney will have a specified map list for teams to choose from. It is ok for teams to play a map for a match that's not on the map list as long as BOTH teams agree.

CPL Maps:

NOTE: Where appropriate we will be using the CPL maps in place of the standard id map. These maps were designed for better team play through slightly different item placements so that both teams will have a better and more even game.

For servers: http://www.teamabuse.com/files/tmpmaps.zip
For clients to play bots: http://www.teamabuse.com/files/tmppk3.zip

3rd Party Maps:

Here is a local mirror of some maps that will be required to play in some of the tourneys: 3rd Party Maps

NOTE: We will have ALL extra and 3rd party maps available for download on the local FTP server. I would HIGHLY discourage anyone from waiting for the server to auto-download the required map as the wait times will probably out weight the playtime on that map.

Additional Tourney Rules/Info

Please refer to the following URL's for CTF and 1v1 Rules

G2 Quake3 CTF Tournament Details

G2 Quake3 1v1 Tournament Details




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