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G2 Event Rules and Game Info

Here are the rules for Gamers' Gauntlet. These are put in place to set the expections of the participants that attend our events and as reference when questions arise about games played and tourney settings and rules. It is every participants responsibility to know the rules when competing at a Gamers Gauntlet event. Ignorance is no excuse. The "General Rules" are rules that apply to all of the games. The specific rules that apply to specific games and tourneys have final say on settings and rules.

General Rules

General Event Rules - These are the basic do's and dont's.

Tournament Rules - How the tourneys are setup and run and a breakdown of participant responsibilities.


General G2 Quake3 Info - This section details which quake3 version, competition mod, 3rd party maps, and clients settings we're using at the event.

Quake3 Game Types - The different types of games that you can play. From DM and CTF to Harvester and Terrain CTF.

CTF Tournament Details

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

RtCW Game Types

Tournament Rules

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

MoHAA Game Info

MoHAA Tournament Rules

Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament Game Types - The different types of games that you can play. From DM and CTF to Assault and Domination.

Any questions that aren't covered here should be forwarded via email to the Staff ASAP. Don't wait till the day of the event to ask a question that could greatly effect your experience at Gamers' Gauntlet! fstaff@gamersgauntlet.com



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